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"This project brought specific challenges due to the urban nature of the route. SDL operate to high standards and had no problem meeting the demanding constraints imposed by planners and location. The combination our specialist skills and all-round management capability ensured a joined-up, cost effective and successful project."

Fiona O'Connell
Managing Director

Rugby Slurry Line


4km slurry line replacement

Urban Project, Open-cut, 2 HDD's

- Rail shutdown, process plant tie-in

The Project

The replacement of a slurry line running from the Rugby Cemex plant through a busy urban area with a major rail crossing and need to tie-in with process plant shutdown to remove and replace section of line in very confined area.

Programme Development

As this project involved significant 'street works' and a rail crossing it was important to fully evaluate the project impact before work could commence. SDL worked closely with local planners and Cemex in the development of the project programme. SDL were responsible for the overall management of the project.


The route of the pipeline included sections running alongside the rail line, and included work within a tunnel under the line that required a weekend shutdown to complete. This section of line was cut out and replaced with a pre-tested section of pipe to minimise the time and risk involved.

The two 900m HDD's were carried out from very restricted sites within busy urban environment. This required the team to complete the pull in 5 separate strings for each HDD. The normal high standards of site security and house keeping that SDL maintain ensured that the sites had minimal impact on the public.

Process Plant Tie-in

As this project replaced an existing slurry line it was necessary to tie-in the new line to an existing pumphouse. Again careful planning and close coordination with the Cemex team ensured the pipeline was completed, tested and tied-in within the pre-agreed production shutdown period.

Project Summary

  • Urban location.
  • Replacement of 4km, 280mm steel slurry line.
  • 1,800m horizontal directional drills.
  • Included cutting out and replacement of existing line in restricted tunnel crossing.
  • Shutdown required for rail crossing.
  • Tie-in to existing pumphouse during production shutdown window.
  • No delays to Cemex production plant.
  • Restricted site footprint and sensitive neighbours.
  • Responsible for project management and delivery.

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